therealsongbirddiamondback answered your question: I’m picking titles for MARVEL NOW and I need some input

It’s basically Arcade grabbing 15 teenage heroes and forcing them to kill each other. The author promises a lot of death. Don’t want.

Gratuitous killing for the sake of gratuitous killing. Great. -.-‘

Although, to be honest, the only teenager superheroes I know are the ones involved in Young Avengers, past, present and future. And I’m vaguely aware of who is in the Runaways. Anyone know if any of them are gonna be involve? Probably too early to tell, and YA has a new title coming up, headlined by Gillen. 

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    On the writer front, I have a lot of writers whom I’m following at the moment. Perennial favorites include Joss Whedon,...
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    Oh, that’s another thing! Writers! I’m following Gillen right now because I think he’s brilliant and from JiM he’s moved...
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    Nico and Chase are involved (apparently the author wanted Molly but the idea of throwing a thirteen year old in there...