I’m picking titles for MARVEL NOW and I need some input

Is anyone else doing so? I’m wondering because I cannot decide if I want to pick Avengers Arena or not. What’s the whole premise? Is it just very Hunger Games like?

What’s the point of all of it?

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  1. therealsongbirddiamondback answered: It’s basically Arcade grabbing 15 teenage heroes and forcing them to kill each other. The author promises a lot of death. Don’t want.
  2. settlechaos2014 answered: one of the covers of Avengers Arena mirrors the movie poster of Battle Royal which is the influence of Hunger Games look it up.
  3. dilloniusrex answered: Avengers Arena is basically Hunger Games with teenage super heroes, but you follow EVERY character, not just one.
  4. withironhands answered: Premise is a group of teen superhumans are all trapped somewhere and they fight each other. It /could/ be okay. Maybe see how it goes.
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